3 Magnetic Messaging Secret

Do you know what magnetic messaging is? Do you want to learn how it works? Well, keep reading this article to find out more. When you meet this attractive girl, and you get her number, you have just made the first step toward winning her heart. If you wish to get to know her, aiming to get her out on a date or get to 2nd base, the first texts to her will determine where she places you regarding possibilities. So, be sure to learn the magnetic messaging secret and get to know her nicely and smoothly. How do this magnetic messaging works?

The First Text

This first text is the one that sets the standard for you. It will determine whether you are worth her time or a waste of time. So what are you going to text? “Hey, how are you” sounds like a good place to start, right? It is a blunt text with no juice. If she liked you and noticed you as much as you did her she will obviously reply. But what you want to do is not just start every other conversation. You want to text her and build a relationship. You want to make her think of you and want to talk to you real bad. So start smart, yet simple, making her want to read more of your texts.

A good place to start is your point of contact. Like if you met at a party, you could start with a subtle flirt complimenting her dress or dancing. “That dress cradled your curves and gave you such a dreamy appeal on the dance floor… I’m afraid I may have thought naughty things. I really couldn’t stop thinking of you since then.” It is a layered text with flattery, compliments, and a little sensuality. It lets the girl decide which way to take the conversation. One thing’s for sure though, she will reply to that text, and you will have gotten her wanting more of your words.

Going On With the Conversation

Now you need to know something about the text as you learn how to text a girl. It’s an investment you are making to begin this relationship. However cheap of a way it is to communicate, you should never make it cheap. Take your time to write the text so that she sees you took the time. It is the beginning of treating her good. Lavish her with compliments and make her feel like a queen. She will look at you as her lifter upper, and there’s nothing so precious than someone who makes you feel good. Treat her so good on the text that when her phone beeps a text in, her heart skips a beat out.

Being Wise in Your Texts

You need to remember something important. As you are texting this girl that has your attention, she is probably doing something else. You need to know her well enough to know what time is best to text her. It is a benefit to you as it helps you not feel neglected when you don’t get a reply. By knowing her routine, you also get to know when she is available to chat. Then you might start with something cocky like “I saw you staring at me waiting for me to say something… so hello.” It gets her to know you are thinking of her. This few tips are golden rules on how to start texting a girl.

5 Tips On How To Save A Marriage On The Brink Of Divorce

Are you sick and tired just because you can’t save your marriage? Do you remember courtship promises? What about the vows? What happened after that? These are some of the questions married couples ask themselves.

If your marriage is on the brink of divorce, you will probably find that everyone has advice for you to save your marriage from divorce. Some advice may help you while others may not be applicable.

Divorce shouldn’t be an automatic response to marriage problems as it can have a negative impact on both parties as well as other family members. The good thing is that with hard work, any problem related to marriage can be overcome. Here are 5 tips on how to save a marriage on the brink of divorce:

1. Don’t Let Divorce be an Option

If you want to save your marriage to stop divorce, then you are essentially saying that a divorce is an option for you. But if you rule out divorce from your list of possibilities then you will put more effort into saving your marriage and making the techniques you learn work. When there is an option of just giving up altogether, you may be more likely to not work as hard towards saving the marriage and opting out of it instead.

2. Learn More About the Opposite Sex

Women and men are different in how they think and how they approach relationships. Having an understanding of how the opposite sex thinks is invaluable to understanding why they do what they do in the relationship. It can help you understand why your partner doesn’t react the way you do to certain situations as well as how to deal with your partner to get the desired result that you want from them. Research the opposite sex and you will be surprised at how differently they think and how much that knowledge can benefit you and your relationship.

3. Be Respectful Towards Your Partner

The days of using cautious language have probably long gone out the window and have been replaced with demands and other choice words, but if you want to save your marriage, then you have to start with a basic level of respect towards your partner that shows you respect him or her as a human being. Sometimes we treat strangers better than we treat our partners, and this should never be the case.

Remember that when arguing, you only hear what you think your partner is saying. This leads to more arguments and misunderstandings. Take a deep breath and listen to what they are saying. The two of you may discover that you are on the same side.

4. Remember the Love

If every time you and your spouse are in the same room, and an argument ensues, you may start to wonder why the two of you ever got together. Take the time to remember what made the two of you fall in love in the first place. Try to make a point of telling your spouse one of the things that you love about them every day and encourage them to do the same. After a short while, you may find that the fighting has given way to remembrances of love.

5. Remember That Your Partner is Not Perfect

Expecting that your partner should understand everything that you are feeling or saying, and do everything you think is right, is unrealistic. Your partner is not perfect, nobody is! They can’t know everything and do everything perfectly, and as soon as you understand that it will allow you to give your partner a little leeway in the screw-up department. It will allow you to look at your partner with little softer eyes which means that you won’t be so angry or upset but rather a little more understanding. This will benefit your sanity and your ability to work on saving your marriage effectively.


If you are determined to save your marriage on the brink of divorce, there are several ways that you can implement. It doesn’t matter what has happened. When you learn the proper communication techniques and open up your feelings, you will find that saving the marriage will be much easier. Just have your priorities straight first. You can’t implement the relationship tips to save your marriage when your mindset is in the wrong place, or it will never work.


3 Intimate Tips To Make Him Go Crazy For You

Men are not as complicated as you would think they are, Actually, it is very simple to be able to understand that if you ask all the guys, they just want to give you pleasure. If you want a guy to go crazy for you and feel like he is sexually addicted to you everytime he is around you and even if he only listens to your voice on the phone, you should keep reading.

Here we are going to give you three essential and real tips to make him go crazy for you:

1. Fulfill all his sexual fantasies

Men, like you, have fantasies, and many of them can become a bit perverse. A woman who is completely devoted to the love of her man is willing to do anything for him in bed (and when we say anything, is ANYTHING), if he feels that you are there for him and you are 100% ready to satisfy all his desires, he will appreciate you more than you can imagine.

Total devotion and submission are what a lot of guys prefer. Of course, you can say (I have rights or I do not submit to anyone) but let’s be honest, that won’t make you go anywhere if you are looking for real results. Do you really want to make that guy be sexually addicted to you or do you just want him to “want you a little”? I bet you want the first thing.

Remember, giving is caring, so the more you sexually give to him, the more his satisfaction becomes your satisfaction, and the better your sex and relationship will be.

2. Try every day to be better and sexier
Women who do not hide their sexuality are attractive, really attractive. It is not that you should go out naked and run or flirt with every guy you like, what I am saying is that you should relax and be free. Stop worrying about what society can think. You will go to the bed being a boss and do all the things you can imagine, do not be afraid. Bite him gentle, lick him, kiss him, have sex all over the house and out of it too!

Always take care of how you look physically, it is unbelievable the kind of difference this can make when a woman regularly works on her appearance and takes care of her physically. Make sure you always smell good, use body lotion so your skin will be always silky and smooth.

3. Give him the best oral sex in his life

You can not imagine how many women fail at this, or they have no idea how to do it. On the other hand, man craves it more than anything when they are in bed. If you can give him the best oral sex in his life, trust me, he will remember you for the rest of his life. Giving him a great oral sex can easily get that boy be sexually addicted to you. Learn the art of oral sex and he will be yours for sure.

If you can please your man in ways no woman has ever done before, he will do his best to stay with you. Any kind of relationship must have a really good communication so it can healthy and prosper. There is an online program called language of desire that already help thousands woman to ignite their relationships, you should google and check it out!

8 Ways To Be Irresistible To Women

Seduction happens when you take a keen interest in other people’s requirements and advancing further as required. If you really want to attract a lady, take your time and get to know her, decide on a very I deal atmosphere, & move tenderly while at the same time you express a language of desire.

1. Do Not To be in Hurry.
Timing is One very important thing; you should understand when seducing. Something that makes a woman want a man is an anticipation. When you get to meet a woman you are attracted to, proceed moderation. Give her a little time to approach her then begin off by being a good listener more than you can talk. Don’t expose your plan in the very initial stages that might put her off. Move slowly, at least at first. But you need to be aware to not being trapped in the friend zone with girls. Figuring out on how to break the friend zone can be challenging once you’re already in it. Just make sure to always escalated things as soon as you can.

2. Step Up Your Dressing
When you really need to catch the attention of a woman, you will have to improve how you dress if you don’t. You will need to work on your dressing if you anticipate meeting someone you are interested in. Flattering clothing will do magic. If you are in doubt of your wardrobe right now, you could go to a department store. You could tell the sales consultant to assist you to come up with an outfit that is complimenting for your body.

3. Be Yourself
Note that, it is rewarding to be yourself. Aim to look be your best as you know it. What that means, you don’t have to do away with a beard if you enjoy having it or maybe dress in a suit when you really are more of the button-down kind of person. You will not feel at ease if are not yourself. If you do that then your date could easily know it and remember confidence is the key to seduction.

4. Freshen Up
Take a refreshing shower and also put on a little of some cologne. Too much also could be overwhelming, but a decent scent could help.

5. Give Her Your Ear
When you make a move to a lady, be a good listener. People feel more attracted if you seem to be interested in what they say. Do not boast about how you have accomplished what and giving selfish stories, try to listen more instead.
Try and ask questions rather than answers. Simple ice-breaking questions will do the trick. Maybe something like “What is it that you do day to day?” and “Where did you go to high school?”

Always show that you are listening. Nod, Smile, and at times comments like “Yeah” and “Uh-huh.” Get clarification or maybe further details on personal information and stories. Sexual interest is attached to personality. To know someone well could actually improve your sexual attraction to them. If your seduction ends up successful, you may enjoy the sexual experience more really know the person.

6. Be Confident
People are attracted to confidence. Being satisfied with yourself will attract people to you. Proceed with confidence while you get to know the women of your heart.

Remember, there is a thin line between egomania & confidence. Controlling the dialogue to brag puts off. Nevertheless, taking pride in maybe the job you do is not bad, where you are from, and other revelations you want her to ask first.
Be humorous. Many ladies are interested in people who are funny and will make them laugh. Try to crack a relevant joke during your experience to see if she is impressed with your humorous side.

Make use a language of desire to flirt. The confident and direct language of desire could signal your attraction. Try to use cues to express to her that you are into her and excited in getting physical too.

7. Stand Up Straight
Keep your shoulders pulled back and your head up. Do not hold a drink across your chest or fold your arms. Express in every way possible that you are feeling positive.

Get a way to do away with the touch difference flirtatiously. Take the lady’s hand to direct her wherever place you meet her. Give her direction by putting your hand on her back. Examine and gradually get the lady more ease with that touch.

8. Try an Appropriate Pick-up Line
Pick-up lines are known to have a bad rap. Nevertheless, if you decide to pick-up the line which is not sleazy or overused, it could really highlight the charm in you and get a lady attracted. Analysis on this pick-up line demonstrates that this might be a situation where your good qualities are highlighted–brag just a little, that could help. Women don’t respond favorably to pick-up lines which are but sexual in nature and empty compliments. They are attracted to pick-up lines which allow them to pick something you that can assist them to stand out in the midst of her rival matches.

If you need a pick-up line, think of something unique and smart that stands out a character of your own life or personality. Work in your profession, if it is entertaining, or some of the things you like doing or positive attributes. Don’t just leave it at the pick-up line, even so. The study shows that pick-up lines are ideal when they are accompanied by a conversation.