Parking Information


Pay by quarters, permits or credit card via Parkmobile

Parking Meter Information

Parking meters are in effect from the Friday before Memorial Day through the second Sunday following Labor Day, from 10 am until midnight.

  • Meter Rates are $1.50/hr. and may be paid in quarters (see below) or by credit card via Parkmobile.
  • All 30-minute parking spaces are $2.00/hr. and are time limited the entire year. 
  • All non-metered areas of the city require a parking permit
  • Persons driving vehicles with a handicap plate or permit are required to pay for parking meters and parking permits while they are in effect.
  • Parking of vehicles over 21 feet in length is restricted.  Call (302) 227-6184, for special instructions.

Change Machine Locations:

   • Rehoboth Ave & First St • Front of 306 Rehoboth Ave • Rehoboth Ave (Island across from City Hall) • Rehoboth Ave (Bandstand)  Change is also available at the Parking Meter Department: 30.5 Lake Ave (behind City Hall 302-227-6184) and the Visitors Center: 501 Rehoboth Ave.

Multi-Space Parking Meter Instructions

  • When using quarters, locate your space number next to the white arrow in the street.
  • Follow direction of arrow to your multi space meter.
  • At meter, enter your space number, insert coins for the desired amount of time or use Parkmobile credit card payment.

Vehicle Parking Permit Information

Parking permits are required in all non-metered areas within the city and are in effect from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day, 10 am – 5 pm. Parking permits are NOT valid for metered parking spots.

Permits are available to purchase at the following locations:

  • Rehoboth Ave and Bayard Ave (Satellite locations).
  • Parking Meter Division: 30.5 Lake Ave, behind City Hall 302-227-6184.
  • Several real estate offices at check-in
  • Visitors Center, 501 Rehoboth Ave

Permit Prices:

  • Seasonal Non-transferable - $175
  • Effective August 1 - $88  
  • Seasonal Transferable - $200
  • Effective August 1 - $100
  • Weekly - $45
  • Three Day Weekend - $30
  • Weekend Daily (Saturday, Sunday) - $13
  • Weekday Daily (Monday - Friday) - $8

Parkmobile - Easy, Pay by Phone Parking             

  • Parkmobile is offered city wide on all on-street meters. 
  • Download the free mobile app at or call 1-877-727-5758
  • To register you need: your car description, license plate letters & numbers and credit card information.
  • TO PAY you need to find a parking space, launch the free mobile app or call 877-727-5758.
  • Enter the parking zone located on the meter.
  • Go to the beach, go dining or shopping......
  • You will receive a text before your parking session expires (*a small convenience fee will apply).

 New! Scooter Parking Program

Scooters and Mopeds may no longer park in bicycle racks, on the Boardwalk or on sidewalks in Rehoboth Beach.

Scooter Description:

  • Two Wheels.
  • A step-through chassis.
  • Powered by a motor, includes Mopeds (motorcycles, motorized skateboards, motorized wheelchairs and tripeds are NOT scooters.)

New Scooter Parking Program:

All scooters must have a permit to park on city streets and parking lots.

  • During the 2013 Season, May 24-Sept 2.
  • 7 days a week at all hours day and night.
  • Except if paying at a parking meter.

Scooter Parking Permits:

  • Permits are $40 for the season.
  • Available only at the Parking Department on 30.5 Lake Ave. behind City Hall.
  • Permits must be affixed to the front of scooters, preferably on one of the forks.
  • Wherever possible the rear wheel should be placed against the curb.

Scooters May Only Park:

In areas designated "Scooter Only" with a scooter permit at:

  • End of most Beach Blocks.
  • Designated spots on Baltimore and Wilmington Avenues.
  • Lot designated as "Martin's Lawn" near the Senior Center on Christian Street.
  • Behind the Fire Station.
  • Deauville Beach parking area.
  • On-street in non-metered areas with a scooter permit.
  • At a parking meter with or without a scooter permit but must pay meter fee.