Downtown Rehoboth Beach Preservation & Renovation

Rehoboth Beach Main Street works in a variety of ways to encourage the preservation of historic buildings and Rehoboth’s traditional cottage-style architecture.  There is a facade grant program, a sign grant program, and now we have an annual awards program.  Rehoboth is in touch with the past, present, and the future.  We want to see the architecture of our community shine.

Façade & Sign Grant Program

Main Street facade & sign program is getting results!  Over the past few years, dozens of new facades have been designed and decorated for various downtown commercial buildings. The nod to Rehoboth’s historic past is quite visible and the creativity shown is astounding.   

The Sign Grant program has resulted in nearly 100 new signs.  The old back-lit box signs are appropriate for the highway, but not a pedestrian-friendly seaside town.  Those old box signs have come down and have been replaced by wonderfully creative, three dimensional routed out signs, tasteful gold leaf signs, and other great front-lit signage.             

Cottage & Town Awards
Main Street celebrates preservation, renovation and great design with the Cottage and Town Awards.  This annual program recognizes residential and commercial property owners who contribute to the charm, beauty and historic identity of Rehoboth Beach through preservation, restoration/renovation, new construction and landscaping. The aim is to celebrate and thank those who make significant contributions to our community, its preservation ethic and ambiance. A call for nominations goes out each summer, with the awards ceremony at The Bellmoor Inn in the fall. Look for details!